Here you'll hopefully find the answers to any questions you might have. If not, please don't hesitate to get in touch (either via the "contact" form, email, or instagram messages).

Please also read the "shop policies" for more specific information on shipping, cancelling, refunds, replacements, etc.

I've attempted to put these questions into a rough order, so hopefully that's helpful!



What materials are the products made from?

All materials are listed in the product descriptions, generally these are crystal beads, freshwater pearls, cubic zirconia, plated metals etc. (depending on the product). However if you'd like more detailed information please don't hesitate to contact me.


What metals are the earrings/chains made from?

Generally these are either silver, gold, 18k gold, or platinum plated - however a few are sterling silver or brass. Check the descriptions of each product to see the list of materials.


Do you do custom pieces?

Yes! I love hearing about and making your ideas and designs, so let me know what you're after, and I'll see what I can do (contact me via one of the methods in the first paragraph).


How do I measure my custom ring size?

The easiest way to do this, is to take a piece of string (or something similar) and wrap it around your finger and mark where the string meets (with a pen, or something similar), then measure the distance between those two marks to find out how many mm the circumference is.


How do you ensure everything is hygienic (with Covid-19)?

All orders are made and packaged with clean, washed hands - however, if you would like me to take more precautions (such as wearing a mask) please contact me as soon as possible.


How sustainable is your packaging?

I'm working towards making my packaging more sustainable, and so currently I use brown cardboard boxes to package orders, sealed with biodegradable kraft tape. Inside includes bubblewrap (I'm working towards finding a more sustainable alternative), acid free tissue paper, and various pieces of card/paper. The jewellery comes on brown card, inside organza bags.


When do you usually ship orders?

Orders are usually shipped within 1-4 days, allowing time for me to make and package them. If there is a delay in shipping (for example, if I'm on holiday) I will notify you either on this website or through my social media, and your orders will be shipped as soon as possible afterwards.


Can I cancel my order?

Please read the "shop policies" for more information, however orders can only be cancelled before shipping.


What if I've accidentally ordered the wrong size/length/colour etc.?

Please contact me as soon as possible (before shipping) and if your preferred size/colour etc. is in stock then I will happily swap it to the right one.


How long will my order take to arrive?

This depends on the chosen shipping method, for UK shipping time varies between 1-5 working days (depending on which option you choose), for Europe 3-7 days, for everywhere else 5-7 days.


What if my order doesn't arrive?

For UK orders, please wait at least 10 days for your order to arrive (it may have been subject to delays due to Covid-19), and for international orders please wait at least 25 days, before contacting me so that we can arrange the appropriate response. Please read the "shop policies" for more detailed information on shipping, returns, replacements etc.


My order has arrived damaged, what should I do?

Please contact me if this happens so that we can arrange the appropriate response! This will most likely be fixing your item, or a replacing it - however, this is dependent on the situation (please read the "shop policies" for full information).


What if my jewellery breaks/becomes faulty?

If your jewellery breaks/becomes faulty within the first 28 days (4 weeks) then it will generally be fixed/replaced free of charge. However, this is dependent on the situation - please read the "shop policies" for full information and also what to do if it's after 28 days).


Do you do collaborations with influencers?

Rarely - unfortunately, I no longer give away free/gifted products to influencers. If I do collaborate with influencers, I usually reach out to them first, as opposed to them asking.